I was in my first trimester of my second pregnancy and experiencing extreme nausiousness. The nausea lasted all day and no matter what remedies I tried they did not alleviate the symptoms.   My son's third birthday was coming up in November and we had planned a weekend out of town.   Due to my sickness I was not looking forward to our get-away.   At Halloween I met my new neighbour Heather and learned she is a homeopathic physician.   I mentioned to Heather that I was experiencing all day nausea and she said I should come and visit her to discuss my symptoms.   I was sceptical but was willing to try anything that may help.   Heather prescribed some medication and by the following day I felt much better.   My nausiousness had subsided and my family and I had a fantastic weekend.   Since then I have consulted Heather on serveral other occasions and she has helped each time.   I recommend her to anyone that is looking for an answer to his or her health problems.

Thank you Heather

Jennifer Field, Hamilton


I have been taking Homeopathic treatment for approximately 1.5 years. I was
having what I call “heart flips”; it feels like your heart is missing a beat
which causes a funny feeling in your chest and your stomach. I went to my
family doctor who in turn sent me to a heart specialist to see if there were
any problems with my heart. Fortunately there wasn’t, but I was still
experiencing “heart flip”. The doctor wanted to put me on a beta-blocker
that is in a pill form but once I read the side effects I was not willing to
try it and would probably have to stay on this drug for the rest of my life.

I decided to research Homeopathic treatment as an alternative. I was very
impressed with my first appointment, it took about 2 hours and went over my
past health history which made me feel very comfortable that they were
trying to help me with my symptoms, as I knew there was nothing medically
wrong with my heart.

For the past year I have been taking a remedy when I feel the heart flips
starting again. It has certainly made a difference. I find if I take the
remedy once, it takes my symptoms away, sometimes for 3 months, other times
just for a couple of weeks, it depends on what is going on in my life at the
time. When the symptoms persist I take another remedy.

There are no side effects to taking the remedy, I don’t have to take it
every day, it is a natural product, and the most important factor for me is
I can call Heather at any time, and can get assistance over the phone or
make an appointment to see her within a couple of days.

I hope this little testimonial will help others to explore the benefits of
Homeopathic treatment.

S. Scullion, Hamilton


My dog Nala who is 11 years old was diagnosed with Pyometra. The vet gave
us medicine to help her and told us the chance for her to survive was not
good. The Pyometra went away but the medicine that he gave her caused
terrible side effects. Nala had a hard time breathing and had a very bad
cough that made her impossible for her to be active. She was losing weight
and wasn‚t herself. After talking to Heather, she provided me with some
really good information about homeopathy and she gave me a pill for my
dog. Heather was very helpful and caring. My dog Nala has never been
better. She is not only back to herself but better! She has more energy,
her fur never felt or looked better and she is back to running after
squirrels and playing with my son. Homeopathy as been a life saver for my

Sandra Lavergne, Hamilton.